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Here at the RIGHTEOUS GRIND ACADEMYwe are home of the LIONSwe are dedicated in educating our youth and young adults in the areas of Financial Literacy, Real Estate Investing, Business Startups, Credit, Taxes and much more… We are an African/ Hebraic Financial Literacy Academy with Torah based teachings and application. We are not a religious institution, nor do we promote the teaching of religion.

We are a culturally based academy that promotes business startup and development, economic unity, solution-based activities, ownership, responsibility, accountability, character, healthy and righteous lifestyles, agriculture, healthy relationships, and progressive action. We are committed to our task to educate and inform our communities to be aware of economic opportunities that benefit both you and your families for generations to come.

We believe transparency is our strength and communication is our power, therefore we here at THE RGA will be invested heavily in our technology department to insure that transparency and communications remains top priority as we continue to build strong economic relationships within our communities.

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