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Financial Literacy Cards

Is your child financially literate? Our literacy flash cards were created to educate and empower our future generations with first class education.


Code of Honor


Discipline: We teach the divine discipline of the Torah… Divine Laws given to the children of Ysrael by the Elohym (God) of Yisrael… To be a set apart nation unto the world.


Dedication: We teach that without dedication nothing great is achieved… Therefore we inspire our students to be dedicated to the things they truly love and are passionate about.


Determination: We teach our students that determination is the only thing that beats failure… And that we must be determined not the fail.

Divine Direction

Divine Direction: Being able to identify with your true history, would allow those who receive this powerful knowledge to then begin to see a clear path in walking and living a righteous lifestyle… which brings about unity within our communities that so desperately need it… “Love your brother as yourself” is our message in action not words… And “May Your Grind Be Righteous” is our motto… And we are committed to the path that leads to righteousness.

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